Middle School consists of students in grades 6 - 8.  A variety of learning experiences, activities and organizations have been implemented to fit the developmental needs of the adolescent.  Citizenship skills are emphasized and recognized by way of "Select Student" awards throughout the year.  Academics are stressed, and students are rewarded at the annual middle school awards program.  Subject area awards are presented as well as Honor Roll.  Student activities are a vital part of the middle school experience. Student activities include Christmas lunch, a spring dance, and Spring Fling.  The students compete each year in the following MAIS activities:  district and state science fair and spelling bees.  Mrs. Karen Schwantz serves as Head Teacher for the Middle School.





Middle School Class Officers:

6th Grade                    President                    Emory Barnes

                                    V. President                   Jenna Reed

                                    Secretary                    Jewel Brokeshoulder

                                    Treasurer                   Holden Harmon

Student Council Representatives:     Kirkley Ann Rawls & Riley Vondran

7th Grade                    President                    Charly Allen

                                    V. President               Maddie O'Briant

                                    Secretary                     Jack Pillow

                                    Treasurer                  Mollie Lewis

Student Council Representatives:   Allie Reynolds & Ann Marie VonKanel

8th Grade                    President                 Claudia Pittman

                                    V. President               Anslee Barnes

                                    Secretary                    Luke Pryor

                                    Treasurer                   Bogan Robbins

Student Council Representatives:  Bryce McGee & Mary Pillow

                  Jr. Student Council

 President                   Anslee Barnes

Vice President           Charly Allen

Secretary                    Claudia Pittman

Treasurer                    Maddie O'Briant

Historian                     Avery Jones &                                                Ethan Phillips