Interested parents are to come to the school and complete an application for admission to be approved by the DeSoto School Board. After approval the parent will be required to sign and educational contract for tuition and building fund before the student is admitted.

Requirements for Student Admission

1.      In accordance with Arkansas state law, no child will be admitted to kindergarten unless he or she will be five (5) years old on or before August 1 of the school year. Parents must present their child's birth certificate as proof of age when school begins in August. The August 1 cut-off date also applies to the Pre-K program.

2.      All students are required to present proof that they have received up-to-date immunization.

3.      No child will be admitted to the school during any school year if he has attained to age of twenty (20) years before October 1 of that year. Exception: Review by the Board of Directors.

4.      No child will be admitted to the school if he ore she is or has been married of had a child.

5.      No student shall be admitted to this school who has been suspended or dismissed from another school for any reason. Exception: Review by the Board of Directors.

6.      Drug Testing program, Grades 9 - 12:  All students will be required to have a drug test (at parent's expense)

before approval for admittance to DeSoto School.  All students will be subject to random testing throughout the school year.

Tuition and Building Fund

3 & 4 year old kindergarten             $3,990

Grades K5 - 5                                 $4,390

Grades 6 - 12                                 $4,640

Building Fund ($500) 5 year plan        $500

Registration Fee                                $200

Book Fee                                          $150

Technology Fee                                   $35

New Student Discount K5 - 12th        $500