1. No child will be admitted to the first grade unless he or she will be six (6) years old on or before August 1 of the school year. Parents must present their child’s birth certificate as proof of age when school begins in August. The August 1st cut-off date also applies to the K5 kindergarten program with the child being 5.  K4 children must be 4 by August 1.

2. All new students are required to present proof that they have received the following immunizations, the last shot coming after the child’s fourth (4th) birth date: (a) Polio,

3. (b) Rubeola-Rubella, (c) DPT or DT (Diphtheria-Tetanus). Exception: No child will be required such vaccination if a physician’s certificate is filed with the school stating that such vaccination would be dangerous to the health of the child.

4. No child will be admitted to the school during any school year if he has attained the age of twenty (20) years before October 1 of that year. Exception: Review by the Board of Directors.

5. No child will be admitted to the school if he or she is or has been married, nor shall any student be permitted to remain in school after he or she is married.

6. No student shall be admitted to this school who has been suspended or dismissed from another school for any reason. Exception: Review by the Board of Directors.

7. Testing program for students: Students will be tested at the discretion of the administration.

8. Drug testing program, Grades 9-12: New students must take a drug test (at parents expense) before they will be enrolled in school.  All students will be subject to random testing throughout the year. A student with a positive result will be evaluated and assessed and required to attend a drug counseling program at the expense of the parent. The student will be tested randomly thereafter and, if testing results in a second positive, the student will be suspended until such time that proof of successful completion of a pre-approved alcohol/drug rehabilitation program is provided. The third incident of a student testing positive will result in permanent dismissal from DeSoto School .

Entrance Requirements for Students Entering First Grade

First grade entrance is based on (1) teacher recommendation, (2) kindergarten progress reports, and (3) MRT6 and SAT scores.

DeSoto School offers a need based scholarship.  Proof of Income must be provided.  Please contact the office for more information.

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